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Program Manager and Contributor of Turkish National 5G Project: Extunda

We work for National 5G


Extunda is pioneering for the national R&D Projects about 5G wireless communication technology. Extunda invests on cloud-RAN development.The Project consist of NFV and SDN software development as for cloud based centralization of the RAN components of the base stations for 5G.


The purpose of the project is to develop the first 5G cloud radio access network in Turkey.


The first base station hardware is manufactured for 2G systems in 1980s, and since then all 3G, and 4G network generations have the base station hardware developed and deployed at remote locations. Today, 4G-LTE and 4.5G networks use the base station hardware systems to provide the service to subscribers as well. Because of the nature of the network deployment, base stations have to be deployed close to the subscribers and, therefore base stations are connected to the core network of the service operator using fiber or xDSL technology.


However, increasing consumption of the data, the decreasing revenue from voice traffic and the intense competition among service providers are negatively affecting the operators’ bottom line. Hence, service operators today are looking for ways to lower the investment made per subscriber.

In order to accomplish this, CaPEX have to be decreased by deploying less number of base stations and similarly OpEX have to be decreased by lowering the costs of deployment, operation and pre&post launch optimization. Cloud RAN technology achieves these CaPEX and OpEX savings by centralizing all base stations in the data center and by delivering demanded services from this central location.

In cloud RAN technology, all the functions of the base station are implemented in the software which runs in the cloud. Cloud consists of software and hardware clouds separately. All base stations are created in realtime and based on demand. Each created base station runs on the same hardware cloud. In addition to low cost and ease of operation advantages of cloud architecture, another crucial advantage of this system is the ease of new feature trials in the network.

All base stations are created in realtime and based on demand. Each created base station runs on the same hardware cloud. In addition to low cost and ease of operation advantages of cloud architecture, another crucial advantage of this system is the ease of new feature trials in the network.


Operators can easily try new features from central location and make before & after comparison to decide whether to deploy this feature in a network or not. Currently, the duration of a single feature trial is in the orders of months. With 5G cloud, the duration will be in the orders of days. Therefore, service operators can deploy useful features and improve the network coverage & capacity in a fast way.

Advantages of 5G Cloud RAN

There are unique technical and financial advantages of the cloud RAN technology.
Fundamental advantages are;

  • Centralizing all of the functions and features of the base station in a central location makes network deployment, troubleshooting and operation less erroneous and fast tasks.

  • Improving the performance of the network, changing the base station parameters and the conducting & managing trials on a new network features will be much easier.

  • Network operators will able to manage the performance of all network together rather than managing the performance of individual base stations. Spectrum management, traffic management and load balancing will be done in faster and more optimum way.

  • Base stations’ data will be saved and processed in the data center. Since this data will not be carried over the operator’s backhaul network, backhaul capacity will be used to carry to user traffic. Therefore, subscribers will be provided with better, faster and low delay high quality data services.

  • Since base stations will be running in the data center which is under the supervision of service operator,  accessing & processing the data will be strictly controlled. Thus, data security will be higher for cloud RAN.

  • All smallcell, metro cell and picocells are connected to the core network of the operator. Today, optimization of these network nodes are done semi-independently.

With cloud RAN technology, optimization of the whole network, together with smallcells, will be done together which will improve the performance of the network significantly.


Extunda IoT Service Platform

Extunda offers maximum flexibility by delivering its end-to-end connectivity and lifecycle automation IoT platform as a subscription, service as well as for in-house deployments.


Real Platform for Internet of "Everything"

Extunda IoT Platform is designed to be a telco-grade IoT data & service delivery platform for large enterprises such as telco operators, municipalities etc. The Project was awarded by Tubitak (Turkish National Research & Innovation Institution) with financial funding.

  • The platform supports industry standard MQTT protocol as native protocol for D2S communication.
  • Extunda IOT platform is network-agnostic which can connect thru any network
  • The platform is scalable through hundreds of connected devices towards millions of devices

Device Integrity

The platform is capable of connecting to many device and sensor types. The well known industry standard MQTT is supported.

Alarms & Reports Management

Each service and sensor data can be defined and set by a threshold mechanism in order to trigger SMS & email alerts.

Integration with 3rd party systems

The platform is succesfully integrated with RESTfull API's with different types of OSS/BSS environments.

Ready to Use IoT Services

Extunda would be one stop shopping place for IoT services which is a deep verticle constitution industry.


Most common IoT service is the tracking service with its variation of vehicle, asset, child, pet, elderly etc. Tracking services.  All the common features of tracking services such as Geofence, i-Geofence, play, route setup, alerts etc. Are already available for the users without any extra development or customization.

Telemetry and Remote Metering

Telemetry service package is also ready to be deployed as part of the IoT platform baseline. Threshold alarms (e-mail, SMS etc) can be set for a single or group of devices based on their locations, purpose of use etc. Analytic tools allow users to correlated data. History can be stored and played.

Big Data and Smart City

The Extunda platform is ready to assess & process all the data by means of "big data processing". Considering all the smart city appliances (smart metering, traffic lights, waste management, parking, healthcare etc.) there is an enormuous data to be collected.

Connect your devices with EXTUNDA SDK and RESTful API

This can be done by including RESTful API or EXTUNDA SDK in the device. When it comes to EXTUNDA SDK, EXTUNDA Cloud supports many different programming language.

Device Partners

Our IoT device suppliers

Let's connect your things

Deliver device control and management anywhere, anytime and enable seamless device-to-device communications.


Extunda puts forward triggering projects that create comprehensive innovations in their fields. While Extunda continously grows since its foundation at 2009, today we provide,

Enterprise Application Development

We are here to provide the best solution that suits your needs, no matter how small or big your business is. Our team is ready to take a challenge

Information Security

We help security teams quickly identify, investigate, respond and adapt to threats in dynamic environments by combining anomaly detection and criteria-based correlation rules; our goal is to create data driven security operations with actionable intelligence.

Mobile Apps

We develop products for any platform, be it iOS, Windows Phone or Android, so you can have access to your business whenever you need it the most.

Managed Services for Outsourcing

Extunda offers BPO, managed services, outsourcing, or simply additional trained and skilled professionals. The SID certified architects and analysts that are skilled in the processes, enable the provision of professional support.

Big Data

Big data is not only about large volumes of data but also about the extra insight and value you can extract from the information about and related to your brand, your products, your campaigns, and your solutions.

M2M Services

M2M at the highest level as a technology solution that enables seamless and autonomous (without end-user inputs) wired or wireless communication between and among machines or "things."


Our references are :

Let's connect your things

Deliver device control and management anywhere, anytime and enable seamless device-to-device communications.

The Management

V.Murat Çelik

Veli Murat Çelik


He has over 25 years experience at telecommunications industry. Before Extunda, he worked at technological areas for Tubitak, AVEA, ZTE, Huawei and Ericsson.

Extunda on press

National press releases and Extunda news

National 5G Project

The End-to-End Local and National 5G Communication Network Project, developed by the Communication Technologies Cluster (HTK), will pass the support provided by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK). Click here to see contract.

5G Contract Signature Ceremony

Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Faruk Özlü, President of TUBİTAK Dr. Hasan Mandal, President of ICTA Ömer Fatih Sayan, OSTİM Chairman Orhan Aydın and HTK Chairman Veli Murat Çelik 's 5G New Generation Communication Technologies Signature Ceremony was held at TUBİTAK.

5G Will Transform All Industries

HTK Chairman Veli Murat Celik said, "5G will transform all industries. 4.5G, operators have accepted a significant obligation. Local product use conditions, the will of the Information Technologies and Communication Authority (BTK) and the contribution of the Communication Technologies Clusters (HTK) accelerated the work in SMEs, with 30% in the first year, 40% in the second year and 45% in the third and following years.

5G and Beyond White Paper & Special Thanks

Turkey will move into the future and beyond one of the most important steps on 5G technology is "5G and Beyond White Paper" published.